An Open Letter

from Howard Pien, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Indivior PLC

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As you may know, the Department of Justice has taken the unusual step of indicting Indivior for events that date almost exclusively to before the company was formed in 2014. The Indivior Board of Directors, including through a special committee of the board that I have chaired, has investigated the department’s allegations, and the board believes they are flat wrong. The board has full confidence in the management of the company, and we will fight these charges on the facts and on the law in court.

The government makes two main claims against the company: that it aided the careless and clinically unwarranted prescribing by doctors of SUBOXONE® products to too many people or in too high doses; and that it misled doctors and patients by claiming that SUBOXONE® film was safer than tablets at reducing accidental exposure to children.


Here’s what you should know:

  • Indivior has never deliberately diverted its product. In fact, the company went beyond what the law required through its extensive education campaign to doctors about the rules governing SUBOXONE® prescriptions and by reporting the conduct of multiple physicians to the appropriate authorities.
  • The federal government’s own scientific agencies have stated that Suboxone film in its unit-dose packaging reduces the risk of accidental pediatric exposure. For example, the Centers for Disease Control has found that pediatric exposure dropped dramatically after Suboxone film was introduced to the market. We are frankly surprised the Justice Department would indict a company for making claims the government’s own researchers believe are true.


I couldn’t be prouder of the work Indivior does to fight the opioid crisis. The company conducts more research into opioid addiction than any other company, and the products it has brought to market have helped millions of people struggling with opioid addiction. We partner every day with doctors, government leaders, treatment advocates and the entire healthcare community to help fight addiction, and we won’t let this misguided action slow us down.

We wish the Justice Department had taken an alternative path, because their indictment simply can’t be justified based on any fair reading of the facts or the law. But we will contest these charges vigorously and we are confident in our position. You can find more information on the Indivior website. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing our work together.



Howard Pien
Chairman, Board of Directors, Indivior PLC