Information Technology

The Group invests in Information Technology (IT) as a key competitive enabler. To this end, Indivior has implemented a scalable, cloud-based technology platform to support future growth.

In 2017, the Group completed all IT-focused separation activities from Reckitt Benckiser (RB) across all entities and locations. As part of the transition, Indivior established IT services for R&D sites in Hull (UK) and Fort Collins (US) as well as various global offices. IT also supported a variety of global audits undertaken in 2017 to provide assurance that the Group’s systems are ‘fit for purpose.’

Technology highlights for 2017 include the following platform and system enhancements: streamline and support cross-functional business processes; provide key business units with data-driven insights; and enable the SUBLOCADE™ approval and commercialization process, and the RBP-7000 NDA submission.

In 2017, Indivior also established a Global Business Services function reporting to the Chief Information and Innovation Officer. Global Business Services provides consolidated global processing for all financial transactions. This enables the Group to standardize, continuously improve and closely align to our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to gain further efficiencies and deliver cost savings.

To support future scalability and reduce IT operational expenses, Indivior also transitioned all remaining data center operations to Amazon.

To protect Indivior data and assets, Indivior invested in comprehensive cyber security measures supported with global employee training.

IT is also partnering with R&D, Medical and Commercial functions to help identify, assess, pilot and launch new digital technology-enabled business capabilities.

These actions, investments and strategic focus further support the Group’s approach to providing compliant, secure, streamlined, cost effective and scalable IT platforms to the business, globally.