American Depositary Receipts

Symbol Security Listing/Trading Cusip/ISIN
INVVY U.S. security (ADR) OTC Pink 45579E 105 / US45579E1055
INDV Ordinary share London Stock Exchange

Indivior sponsors a Level I American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program in the United States. The ADRs are publicly traded in the US on the OTC Market, under symbol INVVY. The value of one Indivior ADR corresponds to the value of five Indivior shares.

What are ADRs
American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) are Dollar-denominated securities which represent ownership of equity in non-US companies. ADRs trade, clear and settle like any US shares and are held in US custody.

Benefits of ADRs

  • ADRs allow US investors to trade locally in non-US Companies;
  • Dividends are paid in US$ and the dividend tax re-claim process is taken care of by the depositary bank, typically reducing dividend tax to the US level (with the actual tax rate depending on the investor’s individual circumstances);
  • Global custodian safekeeping fees are eliminated when holding ADRs, which usually make holding ADRs less expensive.

What is the role of Indivior’s depositary bank?
As Indivior’s depositary bank, J.P. Morgan issues and cancels Indivior’s ADRs, serves as transfer agent, maintains the register of ADR holders and distributes Dollar-denominated dividends to ADR holders.

How can I buy and sell Indivior ADRs?
Institutional and individual investors can trade Indivior ADRs – or have them issued or cancelled – through a US registered broker-dealer, however please note that with effect from Monday December 2, 2019 the ADR Program was closed to new issuances (for further information please go to

To obtain intraday quotes of the ADRs, please visit:

For questions related to the Indivior ADR Program, please contact J.P. Morgan shareholder services:

J.P. Morgan Depositary Bank
4 New York Plaza, Floor 12
New York, NY 1004
In the U.S.: (866) JPM-ADRS
Outside the U.S.: (+1 866 576-2377)

J.P. Morgan Transfer Agent Service Center
ADR Shareholders can contact:
JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
P.O. Box 64504
St. Paul, MN 55164-0854
In US: +1 800 990 1135
Outside the U.S.: +1 651 453 2128

Or visit J.P. Morgan Depositary Receipts Services