Welcome to Indivior.

One day addiction will no longer be viewed through the social lens of scorn and shame. One day addiction will no longer be a global humanitarian crisis. We at Indivior envision a day in which all patients around the world will have unrestricted access to high quality treatment services for the chronic relapsing conditions and co-morbidities of addiction. Until that day comes, we will continue to pioneer life-transforming treatments. And with the help of healthcare professionals, the public health community, policy makers, payers, and people like you, we will break down barriers to treatment for millions of people across the globe that need it most.

This is our vision. We are Indivior and we will always focus on you.

In order to achieve this vision, we are committed to providing the content of our website to you in English. As you could imagine, implementing a worldwide brand takes time. While we work diligently to translate our website, we invite you to visit our U.S. website to learn more about us.

Patient Organizations Engaged by Indivior to Provide Contracted Services between January and December 2020

Product Query or Adverse Event

Patient safety is not just an obligation … it is a responsibility.

Your help in reporting product concerns or adverse events plays a crucial role in our mission to ensure all patients have access to high-quality treatments. We take every opportunity to monitor patient safety with appropriate tools.

For any safety related information, product complaints, to request medical information, or to report an adverse event please contact:

For US and Canada:

Phone: 1-877-782-6966

For all others:

Phone: +800 270 81 901 (International toll free number, preceded by country code)